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Your responses are reviewed by our MBA analyst team who will use this info to establish the priority by which we return contact to you personally. We are primarily interested in identifying firms who are ready to load products into a live catalog and begin online testing of Semantic SEO to evaluate the response of Google, Yahoo, and Bing to the emerging ontologies for eCommerce (e.g. GoodRelations, and others.)

It is impossible for anyone to predict the actual SEO results on a given product catalog. Your results are a function of how each search engine chooses to implement semantic tagging, which changes weekly. Therefore, it makes the most sense that we provide online training so that you may take control of the process to the best of your ability.

It is our goal to create a "community of practice" where private beta users will collectively share their results in order to build their optimum business case for implementation in a production system. We anticipate that the result will produce a valuable body of work that can be used to help our community gain the most up-to-date info on how semantic technology can drive new value for their needs.

It doesn't matter so much to us that you are new to semantic web, most folks are. What matters is you are serious about making the shift for you and your customers. That you are willing to invest now in order to get a distinct advantage. That you see the value of being first to develop new, innovative apps that reinforce your brand as a high value provider. That you are adept at building a successful online business or supporting apps for your customers. That you therefore recognize real value and are willing to invest to develop new expertise on a powerful new platform. That you understand how to recoup your modest investment and take what you learn in adding a new level of capability for your customers. That you can add value to our platform.

There is no payment required at the end of this survey. Simply fill it out and hit send. All responses are kept completely confidential. We may choose to share aggregate data of the population as a whole so you may track the market trends, but no personal info will be revealed.

If you wish to bypass the beta program and get straight into a consulting discussion for a corporate implementation, please make that clear in the comments area. We will respond promptly.

Thank you and welcome to the powerful era of semantic web intelligence.
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